Meet us at ITW Washington | May 15, 2024

From 25th to 26th of September, we will be at Submarine Networks World, to tell the story about Altibox Carrier, how we connect global data centers and your path to efficient and green data centers.

With the demand for global submarine cable capacity growing at almost an exponential rate, the role of subsea networks has clearly evolved into mission critical infrastructure, facilitating all communications across the globe. In line with the growing connectivity and appetite for greater bandwidth – lower latency, greater capacity and more diverse networks continues to escalate. Meeting these ongoing challenges will require agility, scalability and further innovation.

Reach out to Svein Arild Ims if you want a chat with us at ITW, or just have questions to us.

We look forward to the conference!

Svein Arild Ims



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  • Cabel length 700 km
  • Latency 7 ms
  • Speed 400 Gbit/s
  • Capacity 260 Tb