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Connecting Norway

Since 2012, Altibox Carrier has established a high-capacity digital highway that connects Norway to Europe, enabling international service providers, datacentre providers and hyperscalers to move operations to Norway in order to take advantage of a myriad of efficiency, sustainability and costs benefits that are unique to Norway.

Altibox Carrier's Path to Efficient Data Centers

As several new technologies and trends are driving exponential increase of bandwidth, store and compute demands, and as FLAP is being congested, Altibox Carrier’s cable infrastructure allows customers access to Norwegian data centres. Norway’s cold climate, reasonably priced electricity, and 98 percent renewable energy in the power mix work together to boost efficiency and lowering emissions—as well as costs.

About us

Altibox Carrier is a daughter company in the Lyse Energy Group, with roots going back to the beginning of the 1900s, when the first electricity plants were established in Norway. More than a hundred years of experience with pulling cables in one of the most difficult mountainous landscapes on earth lies behind our ability to manage complex projects within the field of laying fibre infrastructure of excellent quality. Today, we are proud to say that some of the world’s most demanding customers have chosen to use our infrastructure. Our new cable system opens a new digital highway to and from the Nordics with state-of-the-art fibre that can generate from 18 to 48 Terabyte per fibre pair.

"There has been so many proud moments since Lyse gathered a small, but highly competent work group to establish Altibox Carrier. Today, we have built a more robust infrastructure for data transmission between Europe and Norway, which opens a whole range of new possibilities for our customers. And of course, setting a world record for bandwidth on a repeated system with 800 Gbit from Norway to Newcastle was a peak point. All in all, the sum of our efforts to solve customer’s challenges with state-of-the-art solution just makes me so proud.”

— Employee at Altibox Carrier


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  • Cabel length 700 km
  • Latency 7 ms
  • Speed 400 Gbit/s
  • Capacity 260 Tb