Meet us at Datacloud Global Congress I June 5, 2024

Meet us at

Kickstart Europe

From 26th to 27th of February, we went to Kickstart Europe to tell the story about Altibox Carrier, how we connect global data centers and your path to efficient and green data centers. In 2025 we will be back!

Kickstart Europe is the Annual Strategy & Networking conference on trends and investments in tech and digital infrastructure. By bringing together an array of industry professionals at the start of the year, Kickstart Europe helps to explore the emerging trends and technology shaping the digital industry and digital infrastructure of cloud, connectivity and data centers.

Contact us

Reach out to Casper Corneliussen or Øyvind Espedalen if you have any questions to us. Meet us at Kickstart Europe 2025!


Casper Corneliussen

M: +47 40 63 96 48


Øyvind Espedalen

M: +47 97 09 15 57


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  • Cabel length 700 km
  • Latency 7 ms
  • Speed 400 Gbit/s
  • Capacity 260 Tb