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Green Nordics

Norway is an innovation centre for reusing energy and heat to increase sustainability. 

Our climate is perfect for energy effective cooling systems. We use cold water from Norwegian fjords in our cooling processes. We also make sure to utilize the residual heat. 

Having among Europe’s largest hydro power capacity, Norway can offer reasonably priced electricity based on renewable sources, delivered via a grid with excellent operating performance. 

We have stable natural conditions such as climate and geophysical stability, as well as a stable political situation.

Altibox Carrier provides

Unique sustainability benefits

With 2.8 TWh of power coming from wind turbines, 0.2 TWh of heat generated by biodiesel fuels, and a massive 143 TWh provided by hydroelectric power production, Norway generates 98% of its energy supply from green energy sources. Access to this enables Altibox Carrier customers to dramatically reduce actual and reported carbon emissions compared to other network providers in other geographies. This not only helps them to meet their stated carbon-reduction/net neutral targets, but also contributes to increased investor and stakeholder confidence and value.

0 TWh

Wind turbines

0.1 TWh

Biodiesel fuels

1 TWh


3 %

Green energy

Close partners with datacenter providers

As well as enabling far greater sustainability by powering its network with renewable and sustainable energy, Altibox Carrier partners with datacentre providers and others to magnify and multiply these benefits for customers across the service provider value chain. In particular, Altibox partners with green datacentre providers who use excess heat for local homes and businesses, and also use cold water from nearby fjords to cool equipment, ensuring that operations are as green and sustainable as possible. One datacentre partner in particular is running its operations on renewable energy at Europe’s lowest cost.

“In the near-term, Norway is expected to generate a massive surplus of green energy, allowing Altibox Carrier and Norwegian datacentres to operate in a fully sustainable and cost-efficient way. What’s more, projections suggest that Norway’s energy costs will remain among the least expensive – if not the least expensive – in Europe, adding to our customers’ bottom lines and fuelling their ability to compete in European and global markets.”

— Svein Arild Ims, CEO of Altibox Carrier


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  • Cabel length 700 km
  • Latency 7 ms
  • Speed 400 Gbit/s
  • Capacity 260 Tb