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We connect global data centers

Altibox Carrier is a key provider of fiber connectivity between Europe and Norway enabling global businesses to relocate their operations to Norway.

Skagen Fiber West
Havfrue [AEC-2]
United Kingdom
Frankfurt am Main

Diversified services

We offer a full range of services – from providing access to existing infrastructure to building new infrastructure and adapting existing infrastructure to customer’s needs. Our highly skilled staff are available to discuss your specific requirements, always seeking solutions to maximise the return on your investment.

Our Cables

Altibox Carrier owns and operates one of Norway’s largest fibre-optic networks, extending across 30,000+ kilometers and connecting more than a million homes, businesses and data centers. Our cable system opens a new digital highway to and from the Nordics, with transport speeds of up to 800G and with 18 to 48 terabytes of capacity per fibre pair. 

Altibox’s two wholly owned subsea cables that stretch between Stavanger and Oslo in Norway and Newcastle in the UK (the NOUK cable), and from Larvik in Norway to Hamburg in Germany (the Skogenfiber cable). The Altibox carrier network, including its large metro network in Oslo, connects major sites across Northern Europe (including Hamburg, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Brussels, London and Dublin), with super-fast connectivity to the Americas via the Havfrue (AEC-2) trans-Atlantic subsea cable.   

NO–UK cable

The NO–UK Cable System is an open cable system providing a total of eight dark fibre pairs and up to 216 Tbps system capacity, connecting Stavanger in Norway and Newcastle in the United Kingdom (UK). The NO–UK cable system has achieved a record-breaking 800Gbps line rate using Ciena’s GeoMesh Extreme, powered by WaveLogic 5 Extreme coherent optical technology. 

The NO–UK is part of a larger European fibre network established by Altibox Carrier, connecting Norway to important digital hubs such as London, Brussels, Amsterdam and Hamburg. 

Stavanger–Oslo fibre highway

We have recently extended the NO–UK backbone fibre highway from Stavanger to Oslo, allowing for access to several data centres in the Norwegian capital with reduced latency.  The link currently consists of 144 fibre pairs with the option to extend to several hundred.  

Skagen Fiber West

The Skagen Fiber West is a 170 km repeaterless submarine cable connecting Norway (Larvik) and Denmark (Hirtshals). 

The Skagen Fiber cable system consists of 48 fibre pairs, provides over 1920 Tbps of system capacity and a designed round-trip delay (RTD) of approximately 1.7 ms between the Larvik cable landing stations in Norway and Hirtshals cable landing station in Denmark. On the Norwegian side, the cable meets up with Altibox’ extensive national fibre network allowing for low latency connectivity to any of the major data centre locations, such as Stavanger, Rjukan and Oslo. 

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Check all the boxes with Altibox Carrier

Reach your sustainability goals without compromising performance by moving your compute and storage to Norway


Norway’s social and political stability make it an attractive and safe environment.

Access a highly educated in all the technical fields, including engineering, network and datacenter management.

Norway’s EEA membership puts it under GDPR jurisdiction, which simplifies compliance.


400G and 800G network infrastructure options support 18-48 Tb per fiber pair.

Two submarine cables deliver route diversity and resiliency from Stavanger to Newcastle and Larvik to Hamburg.

Norway is only a few milliseconds away from all of Europe’s major cities, datacentre locations, cloud platforms and major corporate sites.

Get uncongested wave services along routes connecting Hamburg, Franfurt, Amsterdam, Brussels, London and Dublin.

Connect to the Americas with confidence via the AEC-2 trans-Atlantic cable.

Business friendly

cold climate and alternative cooling techniques results in 20% lower power utilization.

98% of Norway’s power comes from renewable sources.

Norway has 40-50% lower power costs than mainland Europe and the UK.

Power price agreements are available for up to 10 years thanks to Norway’s abundant green energy sources.


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  • Cabel length 700 km
  • Latency 7 ms
  • Speed 400 Gbit/s
  • Capacity 260 Tb